Friday, 11 March 2011

Fill Your Head With Rock

I love old sampler albums, I think it stems from my brit pop days when I used to get all my new music from the tapes & cds stuck to the cover of Select & Q magazine...... Anyhoo this one, Fill Your Head With Rock (1970) Double LP, is a cracker with a diverse selection of artists from the CBS label 
Standout tracks for me are - Tired of Waiting by Flock (ace Kinks cover), Dance in the Smoke by Argent (ex Zombie serious organ driven fabness), The Inbetween Man by Amory Kane (dreamy, psychedelic folk). 

There are a few copies on ebay here, here and here all going for less than a tenner, come on rock fans treat yourselves!

Record 1
1. Listen - Chicago 
2. Savour (Savor) - Santana 
3. Give A Life, Take A Life - Spirit 
4. Passing Through - Steamhammer 
5. Smiling Phases - Blood, Sweat And Tears 
6. Tired Of Waiting - Flock 
7. Come To The Sabbat - Black Widow 
8. Dance In The Smoke - Argent 
9. Gunga Din - Byrds 
10. Living In Sin - Skin Alley 

Record 2
1. Gibsom Street - Laura Nyro 
2. You Know Who I - Leonard Cohen 
3. Stomping Ground - Moondog 
4. The Inbetween Man - Amory Kane 
5. The Garden Of Jane Delawney - Trees 
6. A Small Fruit Song - Al Stewart 
7. Driving Wheel - Tom Rush 
8. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) - Janis Joplin 
9. One Room Country Shack - Al Kooper 
10. Six Days On The Road - Taj Mahal 
11. Don't Think About It Baby - Mike Bloomfield 
12. Bluesbuster - Pacific Gas & Electric 
13. I Love Everybody - Johnny Winter 


Vintage Vixen said...

Amazing sleeve! All our vinyl's currently festering in the shed. I'm sure we have this in amongst the collection. xxx

Mondo said...

Some of the Island and Polydor samplers are fab. There's a vinyl man near me knocking them out for crazy prices


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