Friday, 19 August 2011

Frock on Friday & a Swinging Swap!

Aaaah hello Friday my only day off this week. Not much excitement for me over the last few days, but I'm making the most of today. Long overdue haircut this morning, followed by my afternoon bootfair (not a sausage) and a lovely stroll along the windy beach this afternoon with Barney dog. This evening I may be partaking in a few glasses of vino with some lovely ladies.....

70's maxi from ebay about 5 years ago & I'm rather ashamed to say it's the first time I've worn it! My old faithful gold jewelled vintage sandals, purple checkerboard bag from last week's bootfair (50p!).

Oh yes and do you spy the most awesome of pendants? You may have seen this on the divine Vix's blog last friday... Vix had commented on a post of mine admiring some vintage curlers I'd picked up & when I saw this owl magnifying glass pendant on hers I cheekily suggested a swap which to my delight she agreed to! I mean have you seen how short my hair is? Rollers, really? I was thrilled to find a parcel waiting for me the other day along with a super cool & sweet card. Love you Vix!

Of course Barney couldn't resist sneaky into a pic too!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

What's New @ Smashingbird Vintage

After finally starting my new job this week I think it's going to take me a bit to get into a routine so do expect sporadic posting & commenting from me over the next few weeks! Also please I just wanted to add that although I may not always leave comments on blogs but I do always check out every post on my reader!

So onto my newest listings....

btw if I didn't have a zillion bags already I certainly wouldn't have let these three go : D 

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Songs for Saturday

Always Crashing in the Same Car - David Bowie, Low (1977)

It's been all about Low for me this week, being one of Bowie's most critically acclaimed albums it actually isn't really something I've listened to much in the past, but now I'm really beginning to love it.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

I Need My Dolls!

As I mentioned Friday, that evening I had been invited by my new pal Sausages for a Valley of the Dolls / Beyond the Valley of the Dolls screening fest, and of course I was determined to dress appropriately. After a Deathly Dry Gin Martini, delicious din dins and some more liquid refreshment, we have decided that Valley of the Dolls is actually pretty boring apart from Sharon Tate's jumpsuit and the legendary Helen Lawson. Y'all know how I feel about the second film. The best part of the whole night is that I didn't have a hangover today - wooop!

(Helga my dearest - how can I possibly choose a favourite line? 
Ok I guess it would have to be "A bathing pool full of mayonnaise!")

So what did I wear? My 60's psychedelic print dress is an old bargain from Ebay US some years ago the label is Candi Jones California.

60's Necklace £2 charity shop

 60's Bag 50p bootfair

My bestest 60's purple suede & leather shoes are also from Ebay (UK), they are just perfect I love them!

Oh yes my hair - it's all natural! It's actually an original 60's real hairpiece that a friend of mine kindly donated to me some years ago, I dyed it to match my natural colour. I love wearing it although I don't get it out that often cos it's a lot of hassle and wigs are hot! (In both senses ; p)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Songs for Saturday

Autopsy - Fairport Convention (Unhalfbricking, 1969)

Ok my friends I am asking for some advice, this is the only Fairport album I own an I'm rather obsessed with it at the moment and would really like to hear some more but do not know where to start. Can anyone advise me as to which album of theirs I should get next?

Friday, 5 August 2011

Frock on Friday!

super bad windswept iphone pic - in all the others I had my eyes closed!

So here we are friday again, today I have been to my local afternoon bootfair where I must say I had the best haul in ages! I'm wearing a Clothes by Samuel Sherman frock (last seen here) from ebay, vintage belt - which I don't think goes really!, vintage whipstitch detail bag, my ever faithful jewelled 60's sandals and my lovely Sarah Cov necklace from my dearest Annimal.

Find of the day 60's record player musical jewellery box, I know the bootfair queen Vix has one too! 
Mine plays Chim Chim Cherry. I am freaking out over this - £1

60's necklaces & ring - £2
(I also got a white 60's beaded belt but I forgot to take a pic!)

60's Heated Rollers in a fabbb case - £1

Selection of kitsch mirrors - £2

Hope you all have a super weekend, I'm off for a Valley of the Dolls/Beyond the Valley of the Dolls film sesh with a pal tonight, am planning my outfit... I might just have to wear my vintage hairpiece in honour of Mr Meyers big haired beauties. I'll be sure to take some outfit pics!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Rave August 1966

Oh you lucky lucky people I'm really spoiling you, this is probably the best Rave cover ever & one of the best issues. Of course we have the fantabulous Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane of The Small Faces on the front...

Here's a great pic & article of the mighty Action, fancy a trip to see them saturday night? Someone get me a time machine! 

This feature on how to turn Princess Anne into a mod is classic, she does look better with a bob doesn't she?!

And finally another We Don't Smoke ad, shamefully I missed this in my special post.

There are of course tons more super articles & pics, but if you want to see them you'll have to go & get your own copy ; p


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