Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dreamy Looks for Autumn

I think I may be the only person wishing for the cooler weather to come, even though I'm a summer baby, I have never liked hot weather. I'm much happier wrapped up in a coat and legs clad in tights & boots!
Here is a gorgeous ad for Wallis from Vogue 1973 (sorry can't remember the month!) Browns and earth tones are my absolute favourite colours to wear, which I guess means autumn is my favourite season. I just love the liberty deco prints and billowy sleeves and tight cuffs poking out of the jacket.

I really struggle to find the right skirts and trousers to suit my style. I don't wear jeans and do not do skinnies. I really love skinny flares but I am not the tallest gal in the world so these can be quite tricky to find and are usually a bit jean-like, and I cannot abide any type of trouser with pockets on the back, it really bugs me for some reason.  So, my fashion mission for now is to search out vintage crepe knee length skirts, oh yes and a 30s style cloche hat. 

What are you looking forward to buying and wearing this season?

Ps - aren't the T bar shoes in the first pic delish?

Monday, 6 September 2010

Boutique London

Just found out about this book called Boutique London by Richard Lester, the description below is from Amazon

To any style conscious Londoner in the sixties just two places mattered: the King's Road and Carnaby Street. By the end of the decade the whole world came to see and be seen, to take part in the theatre that played out of the new boutiques and onto the street. From the sleek modernist tailoring of 'Top Gear' and 'His Clothes' to the nostalgic dressing up box style of the World's End boutiques, at the heart of it all were the young designers whose conviction to make and sell clothes on their own terms generated an explosion of talent which lasted and evolved over twenty years, leaving an indelible mark in fashion history. 'Boutique London' follows the journey of the first risk-takers like Mary Quant and John Stephen, to the celebrity salons of Ossie Clark, 'Mr Fish' and 'Granny Takes a Trip', stopping along the way to include the weird and the wonderful, the glamorous and the bizarre. With in-depth profiles of over thirty retailers and lavish illustrations, the clothes, interiors and characters of 'Boutique London' are as diverse as they are colourful, vividly bringing to life a vanished London, which changed the way we shop forever.

Find out more here: Boutique London

Looks pretty good no? No release date as yet, but it's going straight onto my wishlist.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

songs for saturday pt1

Jackson Browne - Rock me on the water

My my Jackson Browne was a handsome fella, and still pretty dishy 30 odd years later. I bought a few of his albums after hearing These Days (sung by Nico on The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack), this song is one of my faves from the album Saturate Before Using (1972)

Pic via Tumblr - can't remember who tho!


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