Thursday, 26 March 2009

The woes of vintage shoes

I really love vintage shoes, but I find it really hard to wear any of mine lately because they always seem to fall apart on me, and I just can't bear it, I've tried all my local cobblers, and none have been able to glue the soles back together either securely or neatly! Also tried loads of different glues myself over the years and found one half decent one which I think is for metal & plastic (the most flexible one I tried - so no cracking).
It's great that you can get beautiful vintage style & reproductions such as those by Terry De Havilland, but these can be very pricey unless you are lucky enough to find them in your size in the sale section, and there are the odd pair on ebay, but I have been put off by certain celebs wearing the Margaux Wedges and the fact that Matalan have a very cheap and plastic looking version in at the moment!
I have been lusting after these new shoes for ages they really remind me of classic Biba 40's style platforms with that cute bow on the toe and red snakeskin detail and I have just seen them on sale for £29! But they only have the black in size 3 or 7, can my size 4's squeeze into the 3's? I have another pair of Miss L Fire platforms in size 4 an they have a bit of room, should I risk it? They are rather loverly.


Just discovered this channel on Sky, all the way up on channel 839, a friend told me about this a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't find it. Anyhoo, it specialises in french cinema and is free to view until the 10th May. Now added to my favourites! Check it out here

confessions of a blog virgin

I created this blog because of all the fab blogs I read, and I thought it was time to stop lurking!


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