Thursday, 17 September 2009

Roll on Babe

Further to my earlier post on country girl style, this would be my soundtrack to match. Poor old Ronnie Lane, like so many artists from the 60's he seems like such an overlooked talent, The Small Faces and Faces were amazing, but his solo stuff is really something.

After leaving The Faces he bought an old farmhouse in the country and recorded some great songs, a lot of them outside and if you listen carefully you can hear the wind and nature in the background.

A couple of years ago a film was made about this time called The Passing Show, basically Ronnie packed up his family and band in an old bus and went out on the road to play in a travelling rock circus, an authentic tent was put up every night and played host to acrobats, clowns and the like. Of course he lost a ton of money from doing this but had a grand old time.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Country Girl

I'm in such a style rut lately, my day to day work wear has to be somewhat practical
which frustrates me somewhat as I am so in love with the dreamy early 70s draping,
flowing and floral crepes and chiffons.

I wish I lived in the countryside right in the middle of nowhere, then I could wrap
myself up in a vintage piano shawl and skip through a misty field to my
hearts content...

Images from Vogue July 1971

Monday, 7 September 2009

Taylor, Twiggy, Traeger

The lovely Miss Peelpants alerted me to the Marit Allen Sale at Kerry Taylor Auctions the other day and whilst browsing and drooling over the many, many wonderful items in this sale, I spotted one particular outfit I knew I had seen somewhere else.....

Twiggy, 1966 in Emmanuelle Khan
From the amazing book New Angles by Ronald Traeger

apologies for the very poor scan, still getting the hang of it!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Fashion Quiz

Are you a swinging fashion bird or a bird brain? Here's a fun little quiz from Fabulous 208 Annual 1968, click the images to enlarge. (First question already ticked by previous owner!)

Below are the answers right way up! If you can figure out the scoring rules please enlighten me because I couldn't! But some of the questions made me giggle.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Feeling Crafty

Blimey it's been chilly out today, what with the evenings starting to draw in and the fact that I'm about to do my christmas card mailshot at work, I'm really quite looking forward to autumn and winter. I can't wait to put some thick tights, boots and a maxi coat on.

I've been thinking about taking up a craft project for a while, now I'm really not much of a crafty type of person, I have had a sewing machine for like 15 years or something but, I can do no more than very basic hemming and sewing on buttons (which all you vintage gals must know a thing or two about too!). I'd really love to be able to make my own clothes or to improve my basic alteration skills, but I just don't have the space/time at the moment to do any of that. I do have a few ideas of what I'm looking to do, now I just have to pick one!

I first saw these fabulous tapestry kits earlier in the summer and have just fallen in love with them. They are designed by Emily Peacock, I adore the old western style font and colourful vintage style design. They come in either a KISS or HUG and start at £54.99 for a small cushion kit up to £130 for the larger size. check them out here

Another site I have been perusing for ideas is, originally started in the late 60s, they supply cut and stitch kits for a range of cool clothing, toys and home wares. I am particularly sweet on the vintage dollies.

Finally, I have found another cute looking site full of vintage inspired embroidery kits, I love the cowgirl design. Check them out here

Does anyone else have any craft projects on the go?


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