Saturday, 30 April 2011

Songs for Saturday pt6

Billy Joe Royal - Hush (1967)

In honour of the Royal Wedding today's song is by Billy Joe Royal, a lame connection I know, but after all the excitement of yesterday I forgot to schedule this post! Stay tuned for pictures from my Tea Party...

Hope you are all enjoying your 4 day weekend. For some reason I have agreed to go to an Ann Summers Party later (I'm scared) and I am bootfairing tomorrow morning so I better not have a late night!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Talking Eyes

Talking Eyes pt1Talking Eyes pt2

Vintage Max Factor ad from 1967

I totally need to try out some of these looks, I think I like Groovy Talk the best...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I do hope you are all enjoying this fine weather we are having! This weekend has been just lovely, I have bootfaired, jumble saled and charity shopped. Plus a bit of gardening where I caught the sun a wee bit (red nose!) and the mossies have had a right field day nibbling me.
On sunday night I met up with a couple of girlies for a night out, I was sadly sober (designated driver), but I had a blast. I have a busy week ahead, I'm snapping stock tomorrow so I can finally start listing.  Plus I have to plan the menu for my tea party on Friday, which means lot's of baking - wooooohoooo!

Here's what I wore....

Firstly a bit of a squint - it's very sunny you know!
Vintage Biba 70's lilac vest, plain lace trim white vest, H&M 70's style flares (love these - got them in black too, super tight), D-Havz gold & nude wedges, vintage leather whipstitch bag, Old England gold chain watch, vintage jewels. 

P.S. Sarah @ Misfits Vintage, this is a 99 - yum!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Vintage Crush - Scott Walker


There's no doubt about it, I am officially obsessed with Scott Walker, his beautifully haunting voice and songwriting plus he was rather - actually terribly handsome! So as he is my current vintage crush I have compiled a selection of scans from my collection of Rave mags - hope you enjoy, as I'm sure it'll be the first post of many!








Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Song for Saturday pt5

The David - Light of Your Mind 

This rather obscure tune from 1967 is a rather lovely slice of dreamy baroque 60's psychedelia. Not much is known about the band apart from that they made one album called "Another Day, Another Lifetime" which shall we says is as rare as hens teeth! This tune can be found as a 45 on Phillips and on the cracking 60's compilation Mojo - Acid Drops Spacedust and Flying Saucers: Psychedelic Confectionary from the UK Underground 1965-1969.

Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend!

Brighton & Choccywoccydoodah

On Wednesday I had a little day trip out to Brighton with the family, I have been here for years and as you can imagine it was scorching hot and totally packed! After a lunch of fish 'n' chips on the promenade we strolled in to town for a little shopping.


So here I am in the most fabulous shop, Choccywoccydoodah, you may have seen their show on TV. They make the most amazing chocolate sculptural cakes and delicious treats. They are eveing more amazing in real life - each piece is hand sculpted & painted and finished in all kinds of sparkly loveliness! You can buy some of their stuff online - do check out their website.

Easter Window

The easter window had a cottage garden theme, the cake on the left had wellies, veg and teapots - soo cute!

Sparkly Cabbages

Sparkly cabbage patch & cheeky looking bunny.

Easter Eggs

Scrumdiddlyumptious easter eggs, there were also marshmallow & choc sheep, really sweet little choc shoes and of course amazing cakes.

Easter Display

Beautiful candy house - the roof is covered in hundreds & thousands.


This was our haul - little sparkly egg, chocolate praline butterflies and a gift bag filled with white choc covered marshmallows, milk choc cornflake piece and dark choc rice crispie treat. The chocolate is really goo quality, yummy!  We also had a stroll up to the lanes and I visited a very cool vintage store called Snoopers Paradise on the recommendation of Miss Peelpants and found a gorgeous biba-esque jacket which being the silly gal I am, I failed to try on only to be heartbroken when I got home and realised it was far too small! But my loss may be your gain.....

Brighton Pier

We finished of the day with a 99 and a trip to the pier where I couldn't resist having my pic taken here!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Coming Soon...

As I've mentioned on here previously personal circumstances have meant a big change in my life and now I have the opportunity to do something I've always dreamt of doing, yes I'm jumping on the vintage bandwagon and am launching Smashingbird Vintage
I have been collecting vintage (or retro as it used to be called!) clothing since I was about 14 and have amassed quite a collection over the years and I have a ton of vintage delights to share with you all. So expect plenty of 60's mod & dollybird gear plus a sprinkling of 70s chic! Now I just have to start getting some bits listed so stay tuned, I'm very excited!!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Smashingbird does Facebook

Check out my new facebook page here or check out the widget on my sidebar!

Award time!

A humungous thank you to the fabuliscious Miss Annimal for awarding me a Stylish Blogger Award. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, well where have you been! This is one foxy lady with a wardrobe and thrifting skills to die for! Go here now Annimal House.

The rules are well known in bloggerland, once accepting this award you should share a little about yourself, so here I go....

I have recently moved back to the place I grew up, it's a bizarre little island off the south coast of england, it  does have a couple of claims to fame - Rod Hull and Michael Crawford are both from here and during the second world war you needed a passport to get here!

I haven't been on holiday for 13 years! I'm hoping this will change this year, I reckon I deserve one by now!

My guilty pleasure at the moment is the terribly trashy The Only Way is Essex - Shuuuttt Upppp!

I'm a total Royalist, I love all the pomp and circumstance and although I think Wills and Kate are as dull as dishwater, I'm organising a Royal High Tea for Wedding Day!

I pass this award onto all of you my lovely followers if you so wish to accept it!

Pics from here, here, my own vintage vogue scan, here and here

Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Song for Saturday pt4

War or Hands of Time - The Masters Apprentices

One of my all time favourite songs, I love their other single Undecided too - whenever I listen to either it takes me right back to my early 20's when I had a lot more time for dancing and a lot less time for stress!

Friday, 15 April 2011

The British Music Experience

Earlier this week I took a trip up to the O2 in Greenwich to visit The British Music Experience. I haven't really fancied going to this before until I realised that they had some serious Bowie memorabilia. The exhibition is set out in different sections starting with 1945-1962 which obviously covers, skiffle, trad & rock n roll. Then we have 1962 - 1966 which has some Beatles bits, R&B with The Who, Yardbirds (original drumskin) and Kenney Jones of The Small Faces white suit which was pretty cool to see, along with lots of interesting bits such as Ricky Tick posters, various handbills and an original Marquee Club booking sheet. Plus dresses from Cilla, Dusty and Sandie Shaw's Eurovision frock.

The next section is much more my kind of thing, 1966 - 1970, here we had a Small Faces drumskin, Jimi Hendrix outfit (teeny tiny!), Lennon's glasses and original UFO membership tickets and Hapshash & IT artwork and papers. There was also the original artwork for Odyssey & Oracle. Another cool thing here is Mick Jagger's Ossie Clark jumpsuit.

Ziggy era Numbers Suit, David Live Suit, Handwritten Lyrics to Five Years.

So onto my favourite bit, 1970 -1976. I was beyond excited to see a whole case dedicated to my mate Dave, you can see a selection of pics below. The best item for me was the handwritten lyrics to Five Years, such a special thing to see. The outfits were amazing too, The Ziggy Numbers suit also had the red patent boots with green laces which you can see in The Old Grey Whistle Test vids. The suit from the cover of David Live was just beautiful as was the Station To Station outfit, they looked super well made and once again were soo teeny! Other items in this room were Marc Bolan's flying V and a Granny Takes a Trip Lame Jacket, plus stage costumes from The Sweet and Slade.

The next room was 1976 - 1985 covering Punk, Two Tone and New Romantics. In here we had the clown suit from Ashes to Ashes which was an exact replica of one worn by Bowie's mentor Linsey Kemp in 1967 and was really beautifully beaded and in stunning condition, probably because it didn't get too much wear. There was also an Adam Ant outfit which was originally worn by David Hemmings in the film Charge of the Light Brigade (1967).

Bowie's hand drawn Young Americans album art, Ashes to Ashes Pierrot Suit, Station To Station Outfit (with Gitanes)

1985-1993 covered Madchester and Hard Rock. I actually rather enjoyed the 1993 to present room as there was a case dedicated to Brit Pop, I felt quite emotional seeing beautifully typed lyrics from Suede, Elastica set lists and a jacket & glasses belonging to Jarvis, aaaah the 90's!

Other fun things are the Gibson room where you can play guitars, drums and do a bit of singing. The funniest part of the whole exhibition is the Dancing the Decades booth, here you can recreate iconic dances and using a little smart ticket thing, record them to view online at home. Yes, I participated and no those videos will never be made public! Best of all, it only costs £10! You can't take any pics inside so all the pics below are from

Dusty's dress, original lyrics to Suede's Animal Nitrate, Small Faces Drum Skin.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rave April 1967

Rave April 1967

This month's Rave magazine cover comes from April 1967 and features the ever adorable Steve Marriott of The Small Faces wearing quite the superb white jacket which features some seriously tasty stitching & button action. I don't know why the dolly is so shocked... any ideas?

Sunday, 10 April 2011



Here I am in the historic Kentish town of Faversham this weekend standing rather oddly! 

I'm wearing a vintage early 70s Biba wrap around jersey top, 60's floral mini, vintage bag, sunnies & pendant. The shoes I bought the day before from New Look, I've been after a pair of sensible shoes I can actually drive in and thought these canvas & leather brogues would do the trick nicely and they are super comfy to boot!

Faversham MarketMacknades

Collins faversham1697

I haven't been here since I was a wee thing and was pleasantly surprised by the mix of quirky boutiques, good charity shops (by this I mean non colour coded!), junk & antique shops.
Famous for it's Shepherd Neame Brewery, the architecture is fab too, lots of rickety old houses and tudor shopfronts.

JunktiquesThe Sun Inn
Ossie's FavershamStationery Shoppe
Crochet HotpantsStrawberry Milkshake

I managed to score these cute little turquoise crochet hotpants from an antique shop where the very kind lady also gave me a cardigan which came form the same person too for free! I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to wear these, maybe on the beach? 


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