Monday, 27 July 2009

Looking Good!

Whilst doing my usual perusal of the daily gallery I stumbled upon this picture of Anna Friel at The Cartier International Polo, I am just loving this look, the dress is by Antonio Berardi, those sleeves are adorable. This girl has come a long way since Brookside! I thought she was just fab in Pushing Daisies, and her wardrobe was to die for too!
I'm also in love with the matching of the shoes and bag, I reckon that bag is definitely vintage (if you look on the zoom mode it's a little worn on the edges, but that adds to the charm if you ask me!)
Check out the full gallery here apparently Geri Halliwell is wearing vintage too.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

In Honour of Apollo 11

The original video for David Bowie's Space Oddity from 1969
But mostly because any excuse to post a Bowie clip is all good by me.

My mum was the biggest Bowie fan in the 70s and even sporting a cropped
orange hair do, and was known to go out with a gold sun painted on her
forehead in glitter platforms, satin flares and faux fur.
Alas I do not have any photographic evidence nor did she keep any of her
old gear as my granddad had a thing about bonfires! (but she does still
have all her clippings from 70's teen mags, which I plan on stealing when
she's not looking...)
Anyhoo, back to the clip, I remember going with my Dad to buy her a pressie
in woolworths in the early 80s it was a video called Love You Till Tuesday,
which is full of early promo videos from the 60's, where David looks quite
delish with his grown out mod hair and very cool outfits (I think sporting an
Ossie shirt in one?).
I still have that video, and I believe you can get it on DVD too.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Vintage Graphics Part Three - Gorgeous Gals

Well here's another selection of old artwork, I think
these would make great logos for a vintage store or on
some personalised stationery.
The silhouette picture has reminded me that I've been
after a vintage cameo for ages, but I can't decide whether
to go for a brooch or pendant. I think I might go for a
brooch which I can pin to a ribbon to wear as a choker...

...and finally this was too cute to miss out

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Musical Interlude

Manassas - It Doesn't Matter (1972)

Oh Mr Stills.....

Vintage Graphics Part Two - Fashion

Here is the second installment of images from my old graphics book.
These are from the fashion section.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Vintage Graphics Part One - Shoes

I recently found this fab old artwork book at my workplace which is packed full of old graphics for use in print & advertising.

The book itself dates from the early 80s, but the artwork is probably from about 10 years earlier, which kind of makes me chuckle as the images must have looked very old fashioned at the time!

I have used a couple of the illustrations on my posts before, but they are so adorable I thought I would choose some of my favourites to show on here because I love the simple cartoonish artwork.

p.s. Is it wrong to have shoe lust for a drawing?!


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