Saturday, 30 July 2011

Songs for Saturday pt19

Stone The Crows - Friend (Ode to John Law, 1970) 

Another bootfair gem I got recently was the album Ode to John Law by scottish band Stone The Crows. I have to admit to being rather ignorant of this band having only seen a clip of them on an Old Grey Whistle Test rerun. But I liked what I heard and when I saw this LP of course I couldn't pass it up! I love that this you tube clip has a good crackle to it, there's nothing like listening to vinyl is there?!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

P.S. David Cassidy for president.

In my mums attic there are bin bags full of clippings & various memorabilia from her teenage years dedicated to Bowie & Marc Bolan. I have been slowly trying to organise it all and scan a few bits in to share. This little gem from 1974 is just too funny. This memo pad must have been my mums new favourite thing. My Aunty Susan was not blessed with such good taste in music and as you can see below like any teenage sisters they obviously liked to play pranks on each other! 

(Mum) Thurs 6-6-74: Remember revision in evening for mock exams; (esp. french & german).

(Susan) Sunday 8-6-74: Message from Susan "The Wombles are alive and well and living on Wimbledon Common".
Also, dont write in my memo pad or I'll write a full length novel in your's in pen. Get it?
P.S. David Cassidy for president

I laughed soo much when I saw this. I also have a loving biography written by my mum of Marc Bolan which I'll have to type out! 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

5 Mini's & a Maxi

I've just completed my latest batch of goodies over at Smashingbird Vintage. Do have a gander, and don't forget my summer sale - just enter code SUMMERSALE at the checkout for 25% off. This will expire at midnight Sunday 31st July, so if you fancy a frock get it quick!

P.S. Don't forget if you don't want to use Etsy - just email me & I'll take payment via Paypal!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Frock on Friday! (night)

I know I know it's now sunday and the Frock on Friday rules are that you should wear a fab frock all day each friday, but I just had to share my outfit from the evening.  I was very pleased to have big sis back from her latest adventure in Italy and we all went out for a meal & drinkies. So yesterday I wasn't really in any fit state for doing anything so apologies for my lateness!

Wearing 70's Jon Adam dress (borrowed temporarily from Smashingbird Vintage, as when I bought it originally it didn't fit, it does now so if you want it move quick because I'm seriously tempted to keep it permanently!) and my lovely new shoes from New Look of all places, just £29.99 and also available in black or petrol blue - online or in larger stores only. I <3 them.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Songs for Saturday pt18

Otis Redding - Satisfaction
(Otis Blue, 1965)

I was lucky enough to score a nice mono copy of this LP at a bootfair last week for just £1 and of course it's been on my little Pye International turntable ever since! This video is from the Stax Europe tour of 1966 and has got to be in my top 5 concerts I would have loved to have been at. Otis followed an amazing & classically energetic set by Sam & Dave and sent the crowd into a frenzy! If you ever get a chance to watch the whole film, please do - you won't regret it!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Best of Etsy - Swinging Sixties Sandals

After a little absence please welcome back to my regular Etsy picks feature. Although the summer has decided to take a little unscheduled break, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect sandal. As seen in previous posts here & here my little gold jewelled 60's ones have been my favourites and lasted me for the last 6 years or so! So I think it may be time for a new pair? Anyhoo here are my selection of the best low heeled 60's sandals available now on Etsy...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weather, Weddings & Waiting

On Saturday I attended a lovely little wedding in Canterbury. Bizarrely I do not know either the bride or groom but there was a spare invite & well any excuse to dress up is alright with me! I bought this 70's maxi in a charity shop last week for £8. I've been looking for a maxi for ages but haven't found one I liked. This is soo pretty - it's made of navy cotton wit a floral print in pale blue, tan & brown. Fits like a dream, although I had to chop a good few inches off the hem....

Worn with a vintage pendant found in another charity shop for £1.50. The shoes are my Miss L Fire Platforms, I had been planning to wear some rather delicious new tan suede heels I got from New Look the other day, but alas it absolutely poured down and I rather sensibly decided against them - no doubt they'll get an outing very soon! 

I felt terrible for the bride as the weather was soo grotty - but she looked absolutely adorable in a cream chiffon mini shift, which I think was a particularly lucky choice. Imagine if it had been long - the poor gal would have had a soggy hem just like me!

Unfortunately we couldn't attend the evening do as I had to work, since leaving my last job I have done a few bits here and there and most recently have been working at a bar. I pull a smashing pint ; ). But Sat was my last night there as this week I start work at a well known supermarket, a job which I applied for 4 months ago. I just received the uniform today, and oh my goodness tis not nice. They have sent me size large. Does. Not. Fit. The upside is that I get a name badge (haha). Oh well means more money to spend on lovely vintage...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Shop Smashingbird

I'm waiting for this delightful english weather to brighten up so I can get out and take some more pics for the shop. I have some super items waiting - lot's of 60's minis, a few 70's maxi's, tons of vintage accessories and a few more bits of homeware. If you do want to use Etsy please contact me - look to your right and there is a link to mail me - and I can take payments via Paypal. Meanwhile here is a selection of my favourite bits currently on sale....






Don't forget my Summer Sale too, 25% off all purchases when you add code 
SUMMERSALE at the Etsy Checkout!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Songs for Saturday pt17

Montague Terrace (in blue) - Scott Walker (Scott, 1967)

Another lovely tune by Mr Walker.... practically all I have been listening to this week is Scott 3, but I do love this track from his first solo album Scott. Like most of his tracks the strings are really haunting & along with his stunning vocals this track is really dreamy - I hope you like it too!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Frock on Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Frock on a Friday! Today I'm wearing a 70's cotton halter dress with deco-ish print & buttons by Susie G (it does have a matching velvet trimmed cape...), my shoes are my trusty 60's gold jewelled sandals. 

I don't know what is up with me this week, I'm sorry I haven't updated or visited hardly any blogs - do bear with me I will be popping by soon! Hope you all have a super weekend, I'm off to a wedding tomorrow and they have predicted rain and I was planning on suede shoes - eek!

 I think this is quickly becoming my trademark Smashingbird pose!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Songs for Saturday pt16

On A Saturday - Keith West
(1968, Parlophone 45)

Perhaps best known for Excerpt from a Teenage Opera (aka Grocer Jack), Keith West was quite the songsmith in the late 60's. He begun his musical journey in a band called the In Crowd before joining the acclaimed psychedelic group Tomorrow alongside Steve Howe of Yes. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of Tomorrow, but their remastered album "Tomorrow" features a selection of Keith's tunes which it is worth the buying just for those! Eagle eyed viewers (or geeks like myself) will also have spotted this band in the Pie Shop scene in "Smashing Time". A brilliant best of album "Excerpts from Groups & Sessions" is also available.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


It's Sale time over at my Etsy Store Smashingbird Vintage
I am offering 25% off all items for a limited period only - just enter code SUMMERSALE at the checkout! xxx

Monday, 4 July 2011

Join The Tea Set!

Shame on me for forgetting to add this pic to my last post! How cool is this ad? It really is tea-riffic! I totally need one of these tea shirts! Does anyone know what the Tea Set is all about? From what I can gather it's some sort of promo from a tea company....

Rave July 1966

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Rave July 1966

Wooops my usual Rave post is a couple of days late! 
This month we have the divine Scott Walker on the cover from July 1966.


Inside there is another city guide, this time it is Paris, I totally love the kitschy illustrations, and there are some really super pop art frocks.


RaveJuly66003 RaveJuly66004

How do you fancy being the new Rave Girl? Win a date with the Walkers, a Mary Quant & Vidal Sassoon makeover? Oh yes please!!!

RaveJuly66005 RaveJuly66006

I'll be back next month with another issue. 

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Songs for Saturday pt15

Hush by Woody Herman (Light my Fire, 1969)

Another fab cover of this iconic tune. The other day from my neighbour gave me a couple of crates of records to go through. Amongst the Mrs Mills & Marching Band LP's I got myself a few gems, this album on the Chess label along with a few other bits, this hasn't been off my turntable since! Apparently they have another 200 coming next week for me to look at......

Friday, 1 July 2011

Frockless Friday!

I'm afraid I failed at Frock on Friday this week as I have spent today washing & waxing my car with a little trip to an afternoon bootfair squeezed in.... I promise I'll be back in a fabulous frock next week. In the meantime...... 

Wednesday was my birthday and I'd just like to say a huuuge thank you to everyone who sent me a message on facebook & twitter, I generally hate birthdays but my phone was bleeping all day and I was soo touched by all your kind words! It was pretty uneventful of course, but my beautiful friend L came round for a chinese and a couple of drinkies, which was lovely.

My main pressie was this fab new gypsy caravan sewing box from Cath Kidston, it is humungous and I can fit absolutely all my bits & bobs in it. I love the little felt bunting & windows! The colours are much brighter in real life, you know how crap my pics are.....

My fave card came from my old friend H, it's a perfect 60's one & inside it says "Birthdays look good on YOU!" - love it, her sweet daughter Iris also decorated this bag for me, how cute! 

Oh yes that is a Giant Pink French Fancy Cake, and the top bit is cream just like the little ones..... 

(my b'day frock is a Clothes by Samuel Sherman 70's number, which I've had for years but never worn before!)

Hope you all have a super weekend! xxxx


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