Friday, 5 August 2011

Frock on Friday!

super bad windswept iphone pic - in all the others I had my eyes closed!

So here we are friday again, today I have been to my local afternoon bootfair where I must say I had the best haul in ages! I'm wearing a Clothes by Samuel Sherman frock (last seen here) from ebay, vintage belt - which I don't think goes really!, vintage whipstitch detail bag, my ever faithful jewelled 60's sandals and my lovely Sarah Cov necklace from my dearest Annimal.

Find of the day 60's record player musical jewellery box, I know the bootfair queen Vix has one too! 
Mine plays Chim Chim Cherry. I am freaking out over this - £1

60's necklaces & ring - £2
(I also got a white 60's beaded belt but I forgot to take a pic!)

60's Heated Rollers in a fabbb case - £1

Selection of kitsch mirrors - £2

Hope you all have a super weekend, I'm off for a Valley of the Dolls/Beyond the Valley of the Dolls film sesh with a pal tonight, am planning my outfit... I might just have to wear my vintage hairpiece in honour of Mr Meyers big haired beauties. I'll be sure to take some outfit pics!


Sweet Jane said...

Bargains galore !!! you got some fab stuff,love the mirrors and the pendant..enjoy Valley of The Dolls extravaganza...The Z-Man and his excalibur sword wielding/ i am Superwoman scene never fails to raise eyebrows and drop a jaw or two haha ; )

Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

Those mirrors are SO GREAT!! What a find! Also, look at your cute sandals, I love 'em! Have fun tonight! x

Annimal House said...

You're having my kinda day! And a killer night planned too, can't wait to see the hairpiece! AND your waist looks teeny tiny with that fab belt!

Miss Peelpants said...

I envy your haul, and you look lovely - such a pretty dress.

Can't wait to see the result tonight!!! xx

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-wow, gorgeous dress and how lucky to bag all these wonderful goodies, the jewellery box is an amazing find!! Have a fab weekend xxx

Dolly the Bird said...

That jewelry box is the best boot sale buy EVER! Love it! Like that necklace too! Well done!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Am very jealous of all your buys, especially of course the jewellery box - £1? No fair! Oh and you look lovely.

Misfits Vintage said...

The jewellery box blows my mind!!! Happy weekend love!

Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

I've just caught up on your Mum's journal post,thankfully Sarah pointed it out,feck knows where I was! Too funny!
Love this frock,darling!But then,I love ALL your fabulously jaw dropping frocks!
Most excelllent scores too! Squee!
Oooooo,Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!! I have seen it SO many times,I have it and the soundtrack-it's just a major classic.I do hope you went for some big hair action!What's your fave line from the movie?!

Wildernesschic said...

I adore the rollers.. and the little mirrors .. you look so lovely too xx

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

That jewelry box is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!

Lizzy said...


Thanks for the lovely comments :) You got some great stuff! That jewellery box wow!

I will definately chack out your etsy too!

Vix said...

You look blinking gorgeous!!!!
I can't believe we've got the same jewellery box and yours plays a different tune! What's the chances of that happening?
Love those curlers, I've a real thing about retro grooming stuff and I'm a tad jealous, I must say. xxx


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