Sunday, 21 March 2010

Musical Interlude

Did anyone see the repeats of the Prog night on BBC4 the other day? I'm not the biggest prog fan, but my fella plays piano & organ and is currently quite obsessed, so a little bit is rubbing off on me. I particularly love this 1974 video of a song by Canterbury band Caravan called The Dog The Dog he's at it Again. It's such a sweet dreamy sounding tune, with a quite cheeky very british lyrical edge. I think this is a bit of a theme with them as the album it's from is called Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night, their next offering was called Cunning Stunts. The cheeky things!
On Twitter friday night I was moaning that the beeb haven't repeated the ultimate rock documentary that is ELP on Tour, if you've ever seen this you will know what I am talking about, This is Spinal Tap was obviously very influenced by this. Keith Emerson dressed in leathers riding a motorbike through country fields then taking off in his very own plane is pure awesomeness!

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daley9209 said...

ahh thats such great customer service! i'm quite tempted to contact them myself! glad you've found a new scent, it's so hard to find the perfect signature smell. xxxx


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