Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Heaven Scent

I have been searching for a new perfume for ages. I don't have a good track record with scents, most smell really chemically like loo cleaner on my skin. The only perfume I usually wear is Secret Wish or Sui Love by Anna Sui, which are both quite sweet fragrances and combined with my weird skin actually smell rather pleasant. But I've been wearing both for years and felt like a change.

For christmas last year I was given a gift box from Space NK filled with smelly loveliness. The main scent was Jasamber, which as you can probably guess from the name was a mixture of jasmine and amber and ooh it was delightful. Now this isn't the first gift box from them I have received a few years ago I had one with another Space NK scent, the name escapes me at the moment but I really loved that one too. After I had run out of it I went to their website for a browse and found that they had discontinued this particular line. So I rather disappointedly went back to my fail safe Anna Sui. Now a few weeks ago I ran out of Jasamber and with credit card in hand I clicked onto hoping to treat myself, and would you believe it 'Sorry, there are currently no products available in this category'. Grrr, not again surely! So I contacted customer services asking when they would be getting it back in stock and received a swift reply apologising but "we are very sorry but that line has been discontinued. But if you supply us a mailing address we will send you some samples from our current line of fragrances."  

Now, I half expected this, but I was very intrigued to try the other scents out and just a few days later I received a little package with three sample spritzers of Laughter, Tuberoli and Santalrosa. I loved Santalrosa straight away with hints of lily, rose, sandalwood and vanilla, I tried it out and the delicate sherbetty smell stayed with me all day. Good customer service paid off in this case, I bought myself a lovely big bottle and it's going to be on my birthday & christmas list this year so I can have some stockpiled! 

So please Space NK don't discontinue this one too!

FYI - this is a true endorsement I was so impressed by the customer service and quality of the perfumes I had to share it.


North West London Girl said...

I love SpaceNK, firstly because it has so many wonderful treats to play with when I visit, and secondly, as you say, the customer service is completely fantastic, I was saved a while back by a wonderful girl in their shop. Have a super day xx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Glad you found another one you liked but I am surprised about them discontinuing the others. I bought a Space NK giftset for one my daughters and she loved their fragances too!

Helga said...

Well,hello there! Nice blog! I'll be back again!!:)


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