Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The bird is the word

I have quite an unreasonable fear of birds, when my fella and I lived in London a few years ago I was about to go out to work and opened my front door and in there in the hallway was like a hundred pigeons (ok ok it was more like 3) but needless to say I freaked out.
Now I really had to go out and I'm rather ashamed to say after hysterically phoning my fella and unsuccessfully attempting to convince him to come home from work and rescue me, I ended up having to throw my keys two stories down in to the street to my landlord (a rather elderly gentleman) who came and shooed the little buggers away. If a pigeon is hopping along minding his own business and happens to cross my path, I am the mad girl who stops dead or if it flies by me I will flinch and squeal, it's quite ridiculous. I think it's the flappy wings ugh *shudders*.

Besides the dreaded pidge I do find birds really rather beautiful. My favourite is the peacock, the males proud display of his stunning plumage in iridescent blues and greens, and the virginal white female are just stunning. The peacock feather has been used throughout the ages in fart and fashion, most successfully in my opinion in the edwardian and art nouveau periods. I hope you enjoy this little selection of vintage peacock themed items.

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Kirby said...

I love peacocks!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Peacocks are very majestic. We occassionally see one at Cowsted Corner!

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-I love these picks, especially the bag!!


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