Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Hello Lover Shoe Award

I have been tagged again by the lovely Christina at Fashion's Most Wanted for The Hello Lover Shoe Award, the rules are that you have to show off seven pairs of your favourite shoes and tag another seven bloggers to do the same. Most of my readers will know I can't resist a little shoe porn and I decided to play around with my new iphone camera app Hipstamatic which gives really cool old style pics, sorry it messes with the colours a bit tho..... anyhoo here we go!
Terry De Havilland Brown and Orange Snakeskin Ankle Strap Platforms
These are my favourite ever pair of shoes, I bought them to wear to my sister's wedding two years ago, like most of TDH's shoe designs they are a remake of a 70s design, and they are just gorgeous. I got them for an absolute steal on ebay.

Purple Suede & Leather Op Art Vintage mid 60's Mary Janes.
I used to only wear vintage shoes, specifically from the 60s. I have moved onto modern shoes now (albeit in a vintage style) as I just couldn't bear them falling apart all the time. I still have a number of old shoes but really only save them for special occasions. These are super, perfect 60s shoes. You can't really tell from the pics but they are a deep cadbury's purple. I love the matchbox heel and almond toe.
Nude Suede & Gold Snakeskin D-Havz Platform Wedges.
From the D-Havz fusion line, I am still kicking myself for not buying these and the black and orange version on Miss Selfridges' website a few years back when they were in the sale for £8, I ended up finding these on ebay sometime later. These are super high and sexy! Also quite comfy...

Miss L Fire Brown Platform Sandals
Another great "retro" brand, the styles are usually quite 40's/50's but occasionally there are some fab platforms. I love the crochet flowers at the toe and the leopard insole. These are also surprisingly comfortable. They also came in black at the time.

Office Black Suede & Leather Detail Dolly Shoes
These are one of my pairs of everyday work shoes, the suede isn't too practical but just look at the cute heel and leather detail.
Vintage 60s Petrol Blue Biba Canvas Boots
I have posted these before but from a distance. The tightest boots you will ever wear, still in great condition. I always get compliments when I wear these, even though practically nobody I know has any idea what Biba was! I also have a pair in cream which are unworn and if I can't afford Mr De Havilland to make me a pair of custom shoes I think I'll wear them when (and if!) I get married!

Vintage 60's Gold & Gemstone T Bar Sandals
I have had these for more years than I care to remember, and I still break them out every summer. You can still find these on ebay US in all sorts of colours and with different heel heights.
So there you go, seven of my favourite pairs of shoes. I could have gone on believe me! Below are the bloggers whom I pass this award onto, if they wish to accept it of course!


snowy stylista said...

Oh so many lovely pairs!!! I am sorely tempted to try to find some of those gem studded t bars!!! Shoes glorious shoes!!! Soo looking forward to next week! e xxx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

What a fab collection! Enjoy SATC with the Sis x Are you getting up early in the morning for Lost?

Kirby said...

lovely shoes! Thanks for tagging me, I'll definitely be reposting this as soon as I have some free time!

Miss Peelpants said...

Thank you!!! I envy your De Havillands and those Biba boots. Yummy!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I love your shoes!! They're all gorgeous but if I had to pick I'd be hard pressed to choose between the three pairs of plaforms, love them all xx

Green Pickles said...

What a gorgeous post! I LOVE shoes!
Love from

Creative Director said...

Thank you Smashingbird - i have at last posted my shoes!

Psychedelicsister said...

Those shoes are all to die for.
I want those Office numbers! I got myself some DeHavz off Ebay a few years back for a great price but I couldn't walk in them so I ended up selling them :(
I'd love a pair of vintage ones.


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