Thursday, 28 July 2011

P.S. David Cassidy for president.

In my mums attic there are bin bags full of clippings & various memorabilia from her teenage years dedicated to Bowie & Marc Bolan. I have been slowly trying to organise it all and scan a few bits in to share. This little gem from 1974 is just too funny. This memo pad must have been my mums new favourite thing. My Aunty Susan was not blessed with such good taste in music and as you can see below like any teenage sisters they obviously liked to play pranks on each other! 

(Mum) Thurs 6-6-74: Remember revision in evening for mock exams; (esp. french & german).

(Susan) Sunday 8-6-74: Message from Susan "The Wombles are alive and well and living on Wimbledon Common".
Also, dont write in my memo pad or I'll write a full length novel in your's in pen. Get it?
P.S. David Cassidy for president

I laughed soo much when I saw this. I also have a loving biography written by my mum of Marc Bolan which I'll have to type out! 


Miss Peelpants said...

Awwww brilliant! When we cleared out my grandparents' house, we found my mum's Cliff Richard scrapbook. *shudder* Clearly your mum had much better taste than mine, although mine has the excuse that there wasn't much better around at the time (just pre-Beatles...) xx

Vix said...

You've clearly inherited your mum's great taste and not Auntie Susan's.
Like Liz, my Mum's choice was Cliff and Tommy Steele. x

Dolly the Bird said...

Love it! I adore going through my parents' old things! You find some real gems!
Can't wait to read the Bolan bio!

Cheers for sharing!

PS...David Cassidy for president!!
(Is it weird that I've had a recurring dream since I was a child where I'm actually married to DC?...Yeah, thought so.)

Penny Dreadful said...

Ahahahaha, so funny! I hope your aunt is ashamed of herself ;) x

Perdita said...

"of poo" Hahahahahaha!! This is superb.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

That is such a fantastic piece of family memorabilia - your mum and aunty must have been close:)).

snowystylista said...

That is sooooo funny! You must let Aunty Susan know you found that! e xxxx

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

That is hilarious and so cute!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Love this! How funny. I sadly had a Tom Cruise scrapbook at one stage in my youth. I remember writing in it when he got engaged to Nicole Kidman "nooo Tom, don't do it! Remember what happened with Mimi" And now they're divorced. He should have listened to 13 year old me ;-)

Misfits Vintage said...

Fan frickin TASTIC! I love this so much - how wonderful that it has survived all these years.

Sarah xxx

C said...

Oh I just love this kind of thing - thanks for posting. Apart from being a fantasstic little period piece, it also takes you right back to how your mind works when it's that age, no matter what year! Brilliant. x

Wildernesschic said...

This is brilliant!!
I was also a huge David Cassidy fan.. i was meant to marry him.. but something happened..
.. I do have good taste in music it was purely sex I was after xx

Psychedelicsister said...

ABSOLUTELY amazing!!

Pearl Westwood said...

Ha ha brilliant, I wish our family had been keepers we dont have anything like that!


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