Monday, 3 May 2010

Lynn Redgrave

I just heard the terribly sad news on twitter that the british actress Lynn Redgrave has died aged just 67.
One of the great 60s brit actresses, she starred in swinging sixties classics "Georgy Girl" and "Smashing Time" which are two of my all time favourite films. Smashing Time is fantastic and features one of the best shop names ever - Too Much Boutique. If you haven't seen the film it is about two northern lasses who arrive in London to make their fame and fortune in Carnaby Street, it's camp, colourful and just about everything you could want from a 60s film. Check out one of my favourite clips below in which Yvonne played by Lynn has finally made the big time and belts out her hit tune in a variety of fab outfits. Rest in peace Lynn.

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Miss Peelpants said...

I love Smashing Time, this is terrible news. That family has been having a rotten time of it lately....RIP Lynn

Smashingbird said...

I know - so sad, what with Corin just a few weeks ago too.

Young at Heart said...

it is all too too sad......I particularly love Georgy Girl...those were the days!!

Helga! said...

o dear.


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