Friday, 10 July 2009

Vintage Graphics Part One - Shoes

I recently found this fab old artwork book at my workplace which is packed full of old graphics for use in print & advertising.

The book itself dates from the early 80s, but the artwork is probably from about 10 years earlier, which kind of makes me chuckle as the images must have looked very old fashioned at the time!

I have used a couple of the illustrations on my posts before, but they are so adorable I thought I would choose some of my favourites to show on here because I love the simple cartoonish artwork.

p.s. Is it wrong to have shoe lust for a drawing?!

1 comment:

laurakitty said...

Love all of these- the early seventies was definitely my favourite era for shoes. I totally have shoe lust for all of these, so it better not be wrong!


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