Thursday, 16 July 2009

In Honour of Apollo 11

The original video for David Bowie's Space Oddity from 1969
But mostly because any excuse to post a Bowie clip is all good by me.

My mum was the biggest Bowie fan in the 70s and even sporting a cropped
orange hair do, and was known to go out with a gold sun painted on her
forehead in glitter platforms, satin flares and faux fur.
Alas I do not have any photographic evidence nor did she keep any of her
old gear as my granddad had a thing about bonfires! (but she does still
have all her clippings from 70's teen mags, which I plan on stealing when
she's not looking...)
Anyhoo, back to the clip, I remember going with my Dad to buy her a pressie
in woolworths in the early 80s it was a video called Love You Till Tuesday,
which is full of early promo videos from the 60's, where David looks quite
delish with his grown out mod hair and very cool outfits (I think sporting an
Ossie shirt in one?).
I still have that video, and I believe you can get it on DVD too.


Lola Vintage Clothing said...

oooh, thank u for posting. I definitely had a phase where i was crushing immensely on David Bowie.
and I looove that song!

laurakitty said...

My mum was never that cool! That's fantastic- it's too bad there is no evidence, though...

Annie Spandex said...

Sweet--I was a huge Bowie fan when I was a teenager. I still love him. Now I'm more obsessed with Marc Bolan. ;)

Liberty London Girl said...

I saw him play at Glasto. Bliss! LLGxx

smashingbird said...

@ Lola Vintage - everybody has got to go through a bowie phase I reckon!
@ laurakitty - there must be a picture somewhere.....
@ Annie - love Marc too, my mum has plenty of cuttings of him also
@ LLG - that must have been amazing!

wilthomer said...

Sadly, David is wearing a wig in this video. He'd gotten his hair cropped for work as an extra in a film about soldiers in Malaya("The Virgin Soldiers")and his manager Ken Pitt had him a wig made for the filming of this!

Smashingbird said...

I was actually rather shocked to see him with short hair at this time, I saw the pics from Virgin Soldiers in the Any Day Now book, which by the way is awesome.


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