Monday, 27 July 2009

Looking Good!

Whilst doing my usual perusal of the daily gallery I stumbled upon this picture of Anna Friel at The Cartier International Polo, I am just loving this look, the dress is by Antonio Berardi, those sleeves are adorable. This girl has come a long way since Brookside! I thought she was just fab in Pushing Daisies, and her wardrobe was to die for too!
I'm also in love with the matching of the shoes and bag, I reckon that bag is definitely vintage (if you look on the zoom mode it's a little worn on the edges, but that adds to the charm if you ask me!)
Check out the full gallery here apparently Geri Halliwell is wearing vintage too.


Sharon Rose said...

I love her and her dress, she's gorgeous!!

Keith said...

Great photo. She looks fantastic.

Miss Peelpants said...

She's always been someone I've felt I could admire for their style and outlook on life - which is rare for someone who is around my age, living in the here and now ;)

laurakitty said...

Whenever I see her I can only think about Beth Jordache's shocking lesbian kiss- and how it was front page news! We've come a long way in the last 15 years...

She does look fantastic, though.

smashingbird said...

@ Sharon & Keith - thanks for your comments!

@ Miss Peelpants - I totally agree, nice to see someone who isn't a Moss or Wag clone.

@ laurakitty - Beth Jordache - lol - I couldn't remember her name!


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