Monday, 16 May 2011

Best of Etsy - Wes Anderson

Welcome dear blog friends to a new feature here on Smashingbird. I'm slowly but surely getting there with my shop listings so in the meantime I thought I'd start a new feature aiming to show my best picks from Etsy with each week focusing on a different subject. This week is all about my favourite film director Wes Anderson. Click the description below to go to the listing.

You too can get the Steve Z look with this fantastic temporary tattoo, available for  $10 from  

What is your favourite Wes Anderson flick? Do leave a comment to let me know what type of things you would like me to feature on here & I promise the shop is coming sooooon!


Vintage Vixen said...

My favourite Wes Anderson film is The Darjeeling Limited, I absolutely adore it, the Royal Tenebaums are a close second. Great picks, I love the Margot doll too. xxx

Smashingbird said...

Thanks Vix - The Darjeeling is fab, I'd kill for that luggage!

Miss Peelpants said...

I haven't seen that many, but I do love The Darjeeling Limited as well! xx

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear! Fabulous picks, very inspirational! I did love the Royal Tenebaums too x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Becka, my memory is so shocking for films now that I'm watching all the ones I remember I liked again. Wes Anderson is brilliant. I have The Royal Tenenbaums on DVD and on my Sky+. I've been meaning to watch it again for weeks as I loved it the first time. This Life Aquatic is hilarious and I've never seen The Darjeeling Limited so I'll get a DVD of that too xx

Shayla said...

I have a huge thing for paper dolls...but Mab Graves however is one of my absolute favorite artists.


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