Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Catching up, Christmas & Chilling out!

Eeeek I have neglected my blog sooo badly over the last few months. This past few weeks I haven't even been keeping on top of reading all my favourite blogs either! It's crazy how easily you can fall out of the blogging loop and quite overwhelming too... I'm looking forward to see what everyone has been up to!

We stopped work on the 23rd and don't go back til the 4th so I still have a few days left off. Ant & I are our own bosses now and this week is our only proper time off (apart from bank holidays) so I have spent it doing absolutely nothing! We still have to do some work on our accounts and some other important bits for the shop, but I am holding it off for as long as possible!

So christmas was as uneventful as always for me, I missed big sis terribly and was super pleased we could get a little chat in on christmas morning. I got some lovely gifts from my nearest and dearest - my favourite has to a Mitford Sisters book from my aunt as it is something I have wanted to read for an absolute age and hadn't spoken about it to her or anyone come to that, she must have read my mind. Both myself & Ant got a copy of the Keith book, as did everyone else I know!  I also have a copy of the Bowie book I've been pining for on it's way (snow delayed!) from Ant, so that'll be a lovely treat to look forward too when it eventually turns up! 

Mitford Girls Book, Kitschy Breakfast Set, Celia Birtwell Hot Bot, Gorgeous Fortnums Smelly Cushion thing, Owl Candle
Nails Inc Set ( I looooove Nails Inc - best varnishes I have ever used), Fashion Book (has a pic of a pair of 70s Quant shoes in that I have!), Weird Eyelash Enhancer Stuff from my friend who swears by it (I'll let you know if it works!)
Very fab Funk & Soul Cover Art book, Smellies galore, Keith (who didn't get this for christmas?)

I'm really looking forward to New Years as a dear friend of mine is holding a party and I'm planning to wear a champagne satin Biba number which has only had one outing before (at Snowy Stylista's wedding no less!). Random Geek Fact - the same dress is in an early (I think 1971) episode of The Liver Birds - it is worn by their posh friend Victoria who has come to visit from London, and for the life of me I can't find a clip of it online anywhere - I'll make sure I get a couple of snaps of it on Friday. 


Psychedelicsister said...

What a great group of treasures you got there. I want the Keith Richards book.
Have a Happy New Year and please post pictures of you in your Biba dress, I bet you'll look fabulous.

snowystylista said...

hello there you!!!

looks like a good haul this year my dear!!

missing you lots too, in the cafe next to super u which is the only place in france i think with free internet!!!!

our mac should be with us in a couple of weeks so we can skype soon!! missing our little skypes but was lovely to chat xmas day.

lots of love em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

modern milly said...

Hey hun,

Glad youre having a well deserved rest, I'm trying to do the same before the madness starts again in the New Year.

Oooh! Youre dress sounds AMAZING! Make sure people take lots of photos, I'll be sad to not be there, but its my own fault for living so bloomin far away!

Lots a love xx

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-nice to see you back and what fab xmas pressies you had, seasons greetings to you too1 x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Becka, lovely presents. You're right loads of people must have got Keith's book. I bought five copies as presents!

That Nails Inc polish is great. Do let us know if the eyelash enhancer works.

Your dress sounds stunning, I'd love to see a pic of it. Have a wonderful and very happy New Year. Love Christina xx


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