Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Outfit Post

Last night my fella's band put on a night, I don't usually go to his gigs, but as he was DJing too I decided to go as I haven't been out dancing for ages. He plays 60s/70's rock n soul, real vinyl peeps, not on itunes! So I decided this little vintage Biba number needed an outing, I haven't worn a mini for ages (I feel like I'm getting too old to wear one!) and teamed it with original Biba boots too, gosh these are tight on the calves, but they fit really well and are quite comfy too, perfect for dancing! Blimey I look miserable in this pic, I had a fun night though!

Dress: Biba Navy Jersey Mini
Boots: Biba Petrol Blue Canvas Knee Boots
Jewellery: R Pendant from Etsy, Old England Chunky Gold Chain Watch,
Sarah Coventry Bracelet & Ring Set, other rings all vintage/antique.


laurakitty said...

You look great! I'm jealous you have vintage Biba boots- don't think they ever made them big enough for people like me!

Anonymous said...

Well I think you look delicious, just like a 60s girl.


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