Sunday, 7 November 2010

Treasured Possessions - David Bowie

My other half and I have been overdosing on David Bowie recently, which to be honest is pretty normal for me anyway, and I personally don't think you can ever listen to too much Bowie. Firstly I decided to get the great Labyrinth on DVD, which was just fab to watch, I don't think I've seen it in almost 20 years! The only disappointment for me was that the bit with the Fire Gang in where they throw their heads about, I always found this terrifying as a kid, now looking at it the graphics are pretty shocking by todays standards. The Henson puppets are amazing tho! 

So whilst on my Bowie trip I'd thought I'd share one of my most prized possessions with you all. This is the programme from the infamous Ziggy Stardust Tour 1973. This obviously belonged to my Mum, who was lucky enough to see him in June 1973 in Chatham Central Hall. I'm pretty sure I have the ticket stubs somewhere too, and some 70's fan club items, I must try and find them!

You should be able to click & enlarge.

Front Cover

Inside Cover & Page 1

Centre Spread

Last Page & Inside Back Cover

Back Cover


MyStyle said...

Hi there-how wonderful to have this, a really sentimental and treasured vintage souvenir piece that is original and how nice it used to be your mums!!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Becka, what a brilliant memento! I met David Bowie at the Live Aid party and was rendered speechless for the first time ever! Rare for me! xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, what a fantastic piece of memorabilia! You can never have too much Bowie.

PorcelainDollVintage said...

wow! all the amazin 60s bands my mum used to follow around and sadly for me, she only has a coupleof photos nothing else! :-( However her best friend has Steve Mariotts glasses nicked from a night out with the Small Faces! hehe love it! lovely post! x

Psychedelicsister said...

Wow, that's a fantastic treasure.
You've inspired me to listen to him now.

Miss Peelpants said...

Lucky Mum!! And lucky

snowystylista said...

Blimey how did you get your hands on that??? Funny how we used to protest as children that we were driven mad by Bowie!!! I too really enjoy him now!! E xx

Helga! said...

Goddam jealous of your Mum!!!
Bowie is awesome,except for the Lets Dance bit.We'll pretend that never happened!

Pearl Westwood said...

Total Bowie addict, no one will ever be that cool!

Mondo said...

That is a gem - love it. Have you heard where Bowie nicked his Ziggy tone from (well Space Oddity - to Aladdin Sane really). Michael Chapman who gave Mick Ronson his recording debut. Close your eyes and you'll think it's someone impersonating Bowie, the irony is, Bowie lifted Chapman's sound.

Read all about it here


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