Monday, 5 April 2010

The Birds & The Deadly Bees

The Deadly Bees is one of those films I first watched really late at night only because it was released in 1967 so I was hoping to catch some fab 60s fashions, yeah not too much excitement on that front but, it's actually quite a fun cult british horror. 
The basic outline of the story is that a beautiful young singer played by Susanna Leigh is stressed out by her fame and collapses whilst singing on a TV show, so she is sent to the country to relax but whilst she is there she discovers some strange goings on in the village...... and yes a creepy guy is breeding killer bees!

My favourite part of this film is a cameo by cult 60s beat group The Birds (with an i not a y!), this group actually feature a very young Ronnie Wood and Kim Gardiner (later of The Creation), they only released a handful of singles which are pretty rare and pricey, but they are an awesome example of mid 60s freakbeat.  
This clip of them performing "That's all I need you for" is a very rare chance to see them in action..... check it out!

Pics from here, here & here


Looking Fab in your forties said...

I have watched both of these films and it was nice to be reminded of them!

Helga! said...

oooo,looks fabbo!!!1967 was a great year,anyhow!!

wilthomer said...

Quite possible one of the coolest rock n' roll moments on celluloid. Pity they never tracked this song down in it's complete form, maybe it's hearing the same old Birds tunes all these years but I rate this as their best, and the great gear they're wearing makes this clip even better!


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