Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fantasy Bidding...

The latest sale catalogue is up for perusal over at Kerry Taylor Auctions, featuring items from Audrey Hepburn and the divine Marie Helvin. The sale takes place on Tuesday 8th December, in London and online. As ever there is the most amazing selection of antique and couture fashion. Although there isn't that much of a selection of mid century pieces apart from the Audrey bits and lot's of Ossie gowns. There were far too many lovely things for me to choose from but I had to narrow it down so below is a selection of my favourite pieces. Please click on the title of each to go to the listing.

Any 60s fan will have seen this promo shot before and this dress is Audrey perfection, soo chic but a little cutesy too!

I'm intrigued by this dress, I've never seen this print and also haven't seen many Ossie satin dresses either, 'tis beautiful though!

Just look at those sleeves, soo fabulous.

The draping, the print, the colour, the beading. Divine.

I'm ashamed to say I don't know too much about Bill Gibb items, apart from that Twiggy was quite a fan in the 70's and that they fetch very high prices nowadays, but this outfit really caught my eye, I love this mix of textures and the relaxed elegance of it.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-yes gorgeous pieces indeed, true vintage wishlist items!!

MrJeffery said...

LOVE audreys dress.


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