Thursday, 4 June 2009


I have been having a bit of a spring clean, and as I am very quickly running out of wardrobe space I was trying to go through a pile of clothes to sell on ebay. They are all 60's mini dresses, all things I'm pretty sure I won't wear again.
I felt really quite sad going through the dresses, I guess I'm just too sentimental because I remember where I bought each one and when I have worn them, one in particular which I bought wear to my 21st birthday party, which was nearly six years ago and I haven't worn it since!
I always feel soo guilty every time I sell a vintage dress, hoping that it is going to a good appreciative home and not to a fancy dress party! (my goodness I'm such a snob!)
Do you keep hold of things because they have sentimental value, or should I go ahead and sell it and invest in something I'm sure to wear more???


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I wish I'd kept some of my things from the 80s, I'm now 40 this year and I remember some key items I thought I wouldn't wear again, but wish I still had! Maybe you can keep some and put them in storage?

Miss Peelpants said...

I'm fairly lucky that I usually know how I feel about a dress once I've photographed it and written up a description. If it causes me physical pain once I've got to that stage, I just quietly put it back in my closet again.

On the other hand, if I feel very little - it goes straight on the site. Doesn't mean I don't love the item, it just means I don't NEED it. Luckily my very favourite things have always been bought by fabulous people who I know will take good care of them. That's such a nice feeling.

Having said all that, I have a few regrets. Mainly Sarah Whitworth dresses I never thought I'd have occasion to wear...or feel confident enough to wear. So frustrating.

laurakitty said...

I've been on a massive selling run for the last two years and it has definitely been hard. I had kept everything I had ever worn, which was ridiculous, so I've sold hundreds of pieces and I've actually been surprised by how little I miss everything. I've been pretty careful about what I sell, but I've found that even pieces with sentimental value are better off with someone who will love and wear them- just make sure you keep all your photos for the memories!


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